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My love for Whippets started when I was a child. In 1998 a wonderful bitch called Darling Pagawa came to my house. Me and my family always had a dog, but Darling (Amba) hit ours hearts and aroused the passion for this breed.

After that I started to learn about this breed, first show success and more and more joy came to me. Finally, we awaited for her first and only litter. Darling was with us for 14 years and that was amazing time with the dog which was be able to break the ice.

Later, I had to wait long time for another Whippet. Then Kokardka from Tylko Ty kennel, moved to our house. She is very special and sustainable bitch. Thanks to her my dream about own kennel came true.

After 2 years, me and my husband decided to take another Whippet and we've got Tylko Ty YANASINQA, which was born in Klaruchart kennel.

Me and my husband want to breed healthy Whippets which are friendly and have got the body close as much as possible to the FCI breed standard. The puppies which will be at our house will be growing up together with us because we want good socialization for them. Making our dream come true and breed these wonderful dogs we will invite you to visit our house and love to answer every questions. We want to show you the conditions in which they will be born and spend their first days.

We cordially invite

Paulina & Jacek

Whippets kennel First Darling. Whippet Tylko Ty KOKARDKA Felka, Tylko Ty YANASINQA Lira

Jasien near Brzesko, Poland

+48 697 709 857


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