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The origin of Whippets should be searched for in Middle Ages. In that time the pictures presented big sighthounds with short coat and they were very similar to Whippets today. However, other breed experts are convinced that this sighthound of middled-height was created in 19th century in North and Central England. This breed is a mix of Greyhound from which Whippet inherited speed and agility, Italian Sighthound and terriers, which made Whippets so obstinate. Whippets were used in hunting for hare. Later, this breed was popular in races. Such races entertained poor miners.


It can be said that this subtle and elegant dog has double personality. It is a mixture of energy and sensitvity. During a walk in the open space it is a real sprint star. Whippet can run 60km/h and it will doggedly chase after everything that moves. That's why the owner of this breed should unleash a dog in a safety area. It may be easily encouraged to chase for another dog or cat. Whippet is the perfect breed for families, which like active lifestyle. It is very good in many different sports such as track race, lure coursing, agility, flyball or frisbee. During the rainy weather a short walk will be enough. Whippet is happy when it runs a lot and then it is very calm at home. After a walk, it loves lying on the sofa with its owner. Whippet doesn't need much space so it is suitable breed to keep in a flat. It won't annoy the neighbours because it doesn't bark. This breed is very sociable and it can't bare the loneliness, it feels good with its owner or another dog, the best one is another Whippet. It accompanies its owner in every household duties. This breed is also perfect for family with children. Kids quickly make friends with Whippet as it is ideal partner to play with.

It is very intelligent dog which learn quickly. Because of its subtle character, the training should be focused on positive reinforcement and awarding with some treats. Screaming will decrease the trust in people. Whippet gets easily bored doing the same exercises so the training should be varied.


Whippet is a healthy breed and it isn't burdened with any diseases. However, it has very thin skin so we should take care of it and prevent from any scars and injuries. In winter when the dog has less move it easily freezes. Sometimes Whippet has problems with the deposit on the teeth, however bones and teethers will reduce the problem.

Caring about this breed is quite simple and it doesn't require any special treatments. Cleaning the coat with wet towel or glove will be enough. Whippet doesn't have that specific dog's smell, its coat quickly smell like a house. It is important to remember about cutting claws regularly.

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